I don’t care about “Locker Room” Talk. I care about NOT Facilitating WW3.

    The Headstone of the Human Race?

   WW1(1917) – WW3(2017)

    This is the Global Warming I dislike… This is what I fear. The Policies of the last 30 Years. The arming of ISIS/L, The war in Afghanistan, still. At least the Russians had common sense to leave after 9 Years. Remember Weapons of Mass Destruction. —-> Iraq.  Is it better now that Saddam is gone?

Our Intelligence after 9/11 stated Bin Laden is in Afghanistan(Wasn’t THIS the original purpose). Target nullified. Was In another country. That we Conquered?

    Because of Costs, the Military(THIS Administration & SOS) left ALL armament in IRAQ. Arming ISIS/L. These ARE the Policies that should Matter.

   Instead Americans are only Fascinated still, more about the stain on Monica Lewinsky’s Blue dress. Locker Room Talk by a Presidential Candidate, how it affects Women… That IS the Democratic agenda.  Political Correctness is a waste of Time. People are Dying on our Streets. We are responsible for People Dying in other Countries. This is not making America Great

“Lines Drawn in the Sand”


A. Deplorable

Public Lands belong to the Public, this Non-Profit is not the Public.


-> Public Lands belong to the Public,

This Non Profit is not the Public… Everything said, there should not be a development

gratuity… that gratuity should also belong to the people. Oh, just don’t “Launder”(LOA*)

it in this non Profit, and it’s greedy associates. There are too many people on the Streets

of Oakland that need the services that money could provide.

A non Profit should not be able to price construction value above Market Value

in the area. It is bad practice for the people, this practice makes Regular Development

difficult… for a bona fide(profit oriented) Developer, they will incur these costs . These

poor quality, overpriced”projects”, hinder by lowering the price of a skilled quality

development in the market. You have to minimize the costs overruns to keep the

affordable housing affordable to the public. This Non Profit does nothing to protect the

public’s interest.

These massive administration costs prevent services from reaching the people those

grants were initially provided for. In this case they can’t even balance the books. It should

be as simple as we get $2.00, we spend $2.00. Overruns are non accountable waste of

Public Funds. When you have terrible accounting with such simple math… You must ask




*LOA = Lost in Administration




Reggie McKenzie… Sign Anquan Bolden

The Raiders could use his excellence and consistency to help
show the way to a Championship. It is akin to the Baltimore Ravens signing
Shannon Sharpe. He can play all WR positions when necessary. His playing
time works into a nice WR rotation for a long season.
When it’s Tough… Show ALL of Us how to be tougher than all the
Rest. I have always wanted this player on my football Team.

Davis Field @ Howard Terminal

Above… My $.02 where the Raiders Stadium is Oakland should be.

I have seen 200+ Raider Games since the beginning of Time(98% in last 21 Years)… I know Football in Oakland… I’ve lived it… I have invested fully in it. I am an original PSL holder.

I have this space…

How we can the City find money? Make recipients of Oakland Funding more self sufficient, make better Capital Investments. Like in the NFL & the Oakland Raiders.

Start by making places like this Non Profit more accountable…

Councilman Gallo on Tuesday’s Council item 15-0546, 4-05-2016



Comp FTV v CTV

Where I live is not worth 1/2 these, low-income Town houses / Apartments.


Urban Core LLc’s

$327,272.73 – If this were a 1000sq ‘ Apartment. $327 per sq ‘ is almost reasonable.

No wonder people are chaining themselves to walls & singing.

This is a bad deal for public.

>$500.00 per sq ‘ is outrageous. This applies to all mixed income projects.

I understand that there is a huge need for housing in Oakland… This is Irresponsible.

Thank You all in advance for your Time.

Miguel LaRosa