2018 Raider Mistake #1 ; Codarrelle Patterson

One of the most unique Offensive skill sets in NFL. Toughest Kickoff Returner. Dowling’s Misuse of skill set cost a breakout 2017 for Patterson. Somehow I think the “Mad Doctor” Belichick gets this.

#2. The fact that Khalil Mack had to miss any Practice shows me the players still have the last say.

On Tom Brady ; I once blamed Walt Coleman for the “tuck” Game… I realize that in defining the GOAT, There must be this “Force of Nature” kinda “stuff”… Going On. I just did not recognize it then.


Pre-Season Rankings of 2018-19 Oakland Raiders #24

So much speculation of how well / poorly the Raiders Drafted… How much Better / Worse are the Raiders are as a Team going into Organized Team Activities.

It is Simple. We Drafted 10th, but truly are the 9th Worst Team due to our SoS , We lost a coin flip to #10. #10 won their Last 5 in a Row. Thus better than Raiders were at end of Season. Mathematically we are IMHO #24. How 6-10 related to NFL 2017.

I am OK with everything that has been done to change things. 2 major choices that left me baffled. Seth Roberts over Codarrelle Patterson as the Z. I know it would have cost us Robert’s contract. That Contract Extension was puzzling and cost us an ultimate Wide Receiver Hybrid in Patterson. Belichick is licking his chops with that kid, allowed him to trade Brandin Crooks. What a questionable move by the Reggie / Jon Regime. And now are still saddled with the Roberts Contract extension.

No Bump cause we brought back Jon… #24. That’s why you are getting $100Mil. Will only know what the 2018 Raiders are capable of around London / Seahawks Game 6.

-Think Oakland


Yo Vlad… President Trump is Right… You are backing a Girly Man.

Donald J. Trump


Russia vows to shoot down any and all missiles fired at Syria. Get ready Russia, because they will be coming, nice and new and “smart!” You shouldn’t be partners with a Gas Killing Animal who kills his people and enjoys it!
3:57 AM – Apr 11, 2018

128K people are talking about this

Just Sayin President Putin… War is NOT pretty. But when winning… When you torture Children to humiliate the losing side… Then you Bashar Hafez al-Assad, become The “Little Bitch Assad”. The President of the United States is Right on this one.

…That being said, There is no more logical Military Solutions in Syria. It seems any type of Regime change will now be controlled by Russia.

What Senate Committe needs to ask Facebook, and Google, et al when that time comes…

The Committee should take into consideration how the Obama Campaigns BRAGGED about modern Electronics Media, ie Facebook, Twitter…, All of the “sheep” gave away their “traceability” when they said OK to Facebook. NOTHING IS FREE. No one is taking personal responsibility, for linking their friends. It is funny, not ever being on Facebook, it is akin to not being in phonebook in ’80’s. I found well into 2013 you did not need an ID to see 80% of everything people put out there. As was MySpace Before it. Nothing is Free. Analytics were what the Democrats bragged about bringing the 2008 Landslide, & 2012 Campaign Victories. The Media maintained it was due to Republicans failure to grasp the Audience thru Electronic media. That Republicans were stuck in Paper. The US Electorate needs to take responsibility of itself.
Hillary lost due to Democrats Leveraging her candidacy without truly vetting her & Sanders Candidacies Strengths & Weakness’ in Primaries. She had Virtually all necessary Votes for Convention Victory before primary season really was in full swing. What is terrible is EVERYONE truly can see this. That Time is coming.

Wichita Police Blame “Swatting” for Killing Innocent Man.

How Convenient… This way a “person”(Later id’ as Tyler Barriss), who is truly an idiot. Will pay for this. Then the Innocent, fooled, Incompetent Whichita Police department can keep taking cool pictures of themselves. AND TAKE ZERO RESPONSABILIY. Typical of a bunch of animals in a badge. The video shows the rifle at left of officers camera take shot. Not threatened IN ANY WAY. This Deputy Chief is a “TOOL”! This cannot go on without Internal Police repercussions. Otherwise “We the People” of the United States of America are living in a Police State. Let’s fix ours, before we mandate International Policies, and dictate to others how we have it so much better. This, Philandro Castille, Eric Gardner, Oscar Grant… Has to Stop. Or LEO held accountable in Court of Law. “Law & Justice” did not occur here. It doesn’t appear this This Deputy Chief never apologized to the family, oe even acknowledged THEIR error. The Family has to resort to GoFundMe to bury their hero. This was an INNOCENT Man. The Law Enforcement Training is to protect public, if any claim as to threat of officers as a defense. To what? This is a BIG TIME FAIL.

I am just tired of the same ‘ol excuses. Admitting they totally F@%#$d Up… Would be the Truth.

This is a case where the BLM movement should be involved… If this is allowed, without criminal prosecution of that Police Force… No one is safe, and this Country is not safe for anyone. It is now a Police State. This is because Andrew Finch was convicted before LEO did their job to protect innocent Public. That m-16, at that distance was the most “cowardly act”…
How scared must 1 be with an m-16 in hand? This in justice is everything BLM is fighting for. Law Enforcement placed in Situations where they come first… That assumption should be taken off the table.
The Public comes First. The very people Police claim they are to protect comes First… You do not kill unarmed individuals. The Public has right to go home first before LEO.
Do not take the job as the pay is great. Be prepared to make sure that cigarette lighter is not a gun before you shoot. If you shoot and it is NOT a gun… There is no… I thought… My life.., Other ARMED officers in danger. That excuse should not be allowed… ever.
Law Enforcement must always meet that Higher Standard… Performance as this Witchita Police Department has shown is unacceptable. And should be deemed criminal.

About that Varnish, Too damn cold or is it Parody…

Absolutely No Way there should be a path to, but 11 things need to happen.

1. The Raiders beating Philadelphia and the Los Angeles Chargers.
2. The Miami Dolphins beating Kansas City and Buffalo.
3. The Tennessee Titans losing to the Los Angeles Rams and Jacksonville.
4. The Bills losing to New England as well as Miami.
5. The Baltimore Ravens beating either Indianapolis or Cincinnati.

The 11th thing is not on this list… Good Luck. Outside of the 2nd Half of Dallas’ hard fought win at the Oakland Coliseum. This version of The Oakland Raiders of Las Vegas of 2017 does not deserve the right to be in this conversation… Still.P1070747


Still, Judge for Yourself… SMH.

The only good sign is we(The Raiders HTF We) lost “Trying to Win”. We did not lose “Trying not to Lose”, as we played the majority of the 2017 Season. Del Rio’s Raiders played the 2nd Half with Purpose, recklessness, and Will to Win that would make Al proud. I can accept the play at Goal Line. But there is no moral Victory here.

All I want for Christmas Is…

Starting with Philadelphia: The Last time the Raiders Faced the Eagles in the Regular Season. Nick Foles was the Starter, Chip Kelly Head Coach. In a little over 3 Qts, Foles had thrown 7 Touchdown Passes, in a 49-20 Game, that was not that close. Eagles could have broken Team record…

-Think Oakland


2017 LV Raiders : They done finished the box, just waiting for the varnish to dry…

A a single trip to Training Camp this Year, I knew this Team was different… There was confidence racing thru the camp… But a lack of Intensity was visible. Armani Cooper was on sideline just watching.

There was not the pace or intensity I had seen in Coach Jack Del Rio’s Group the previous two Seasons at camp. This was similar to the lethargic Dennis Allen Training Camp style. Another 0-4 Pre-season followed. But weren’t the Raiders were a lethargic 1-3 in Pre Season 2016, and ended at 12-4. Nothing to worry about? Right?

Attended the 11 Day Debacle, as the NFL scheduled 3 Home Games in 11 Days. Adding the Mexico Date was Just Another See Ya Later Get less Good Bye, and Finger from NFL. They are now offering the same “deal” to Season Ticket Holders as Last Year… 7 Dates

Would like to have seen Brady in Oakland 1 last Time. Oh Well. Well next Year right… If we host them in a Playoff Game. I’m going to go out on a limb, and say that more likely the Patriots had played their last Game in Oakland in 2014. Dennis Allen’s last game in Oakland as Coach.

What is worse…  Management paid too many, too well, too soon. I would have required my Quarterback to at least have a history in Playoffs before I give away the largest contract. I also think the Gabe Jackson, and Seth Robert’s extensions were premature, That triggered the Donald Penn Holdout. We also have learned the value of the derided DJ Hayden. As a Fan I could see the lack of speed of our corners, Why didn’t Reggie & Jack. Ken Norton needed to up his game… Have to have the tools. Can’t defend the back end on Paper… Let alone in Games. If I were running an NFL Team, Once you get lucky and Draft a Franchise QB. You have 4 Years to win a Title. A first round pick might allow 5 Years. Before you have to start paying Franchise Money. I would have waited and evaluated the Final Contract Year of my Draft Picks. Before discussing extensions.

Brandon Crooks ran by Sean Smith for New Orleans Saint in the 2016 Home opener, just as easily Yesterday. DJ Hayden at least had the speed to stay with fast receivers. There was no question in training Camp how slow our most counted on Corners are. Add to the roster the Zero impact of the 2017 Draft Class… The contracts & monies spent, limits quality additions to the 2018 roster. Thus the only move the Raiders can make in the Off-season is gut the Coaching Staff. Which pretty much means no Title in Oakland before the relocation. As the Los Angeles Angeles of Football, the LV Raiders have wasted another season of the Defensive excellence of Khalil Mack.