Libby Schaaf, The City Council and The Oakland Raiders

Libby & majority of this City Administration… Besides being a Red person. She is not a fan of the Raiders, as she is one of the many that feel the “Thug” mentality & lifestyle is Directly related to “hip hop”, and this Football Team. That ignorance costs the City on a Daily basis. She (Libby) Is a brilliant business woman, & Politician. But she grew up in the Hills, In 1980 there was, and Today there still is a difference. She is still as distant(“Out of Touch”)… from the reality on the streets. No city division on diversity fixes this…
This Mayor & Council will point blame in direction of Kephart & Quan. In The next few months this matter will play out, That “ignorance” hopefully does not cost this City this Football Team.

This is not about “Spending Monies Oakland Doesn’t Have”… Having the the NFL playing in this City is HUGE… This City wastes Millions on “Poverty Pimp” driven Non-Profits. Support Capital Based Business’ not bull shit. The NFL is a Business in the Highest Order.

Justice will be that the City would be put in a Position that there may need to be a Parade in February… I feel like Is it 1980 all over again?

***** On to what is important…

Will The 2015 Raiders follow new Head Coach Jack Del Rio?..  Is there is a magic brew stirring in Napa, Ca right now?                              JDL + 24 copy  I do not buy the sentiment it takes a multiple Years to judge a Head coach. “They Don’t know…Jack”.  Del Rio Is the Right Coach for this Team. The best for the Team since “Chucky”…

9-22-2015 – OK I have seen Facebook pics showing Da Mayor at Game Sunday… And implying in the Black Hole. So Mayor Schaaf, Sunday was fun right? You gonna just let that Go?

Review : The Alameda All Stars 35th Anniversary Reunion

People will say I am biased here… On Saturday 28 Feb 2015 at a little “watering hole”, at the foot of Clinton & Grand Streets in Alameda, California… Think of the sound emanating from this little building, as in “The Grinch that Stole Christmas”, think “Whoville” on Christmas Morning… Yes Ladies & Gentlemen… I submit, It was NOT Christmas Morning that particular Saturday evening, When the Alameda All Stars took the stage at Roosters.

But… As sure as I am that this was heard on the other side of the Bay in Oakland. As the sounds of rock reverberated thru the buildings of Alameda.  I think the satisfied looks… on EVERY face tell the story. The Night of Seven Guitar Players… How do you know an act is special… The audience will stop(In a Dance Club) and Listen. They played Voyager,  As very fitting Tribute to one of the Gods of Rock, Ronnie Montrose…  Simply said, “The Boyz tore it up!”, It Rocked! MGL – The Alameda All Star, 35th Anniversary Reunion Roosters Roadhouse, Alameda, California. Video coming soon…

On Oakland : What is good about Oakland.

 The home field of an Oakland Sports Franchise. Or what the Warriors are never going to have in San Francisco.

While the City struggles with a menacing reputation(media driven)… Attending an A’s, Warriors, or Raider Game at times can show what Oakland could be when unified. The people that complain of the Character of the Stadium really are blind to realities of life in a modern City. How many Stadiums have you visited, or let me change that… How many Stadiums outside of Wrigley Field have hosted An NFL & MLB Champion… Character.

Mark wants an intimate Stadium where he can place a statue of his Father. When I sit in that park, You can’t miss what has been termed “MT Davis”. I look at it with Pride, and think of Al, That adds to the Character of this Park, and the Stories, and the legacies…,


On the Yoenis Cespedes, And Tommy Milone Trades.

2 Things that strike me.
1)The Milone Trade, is the equivalent of Hiring Best Friend Bob Geren to Manage A’s.
2) Trading Cespedes is the modern day equivalent of the Giants Trading Orlando Cepeda to the Cardinals for Ray Sadecki.

Too much change to Team Chemistry. Cespedes is Important in that Locker Room. Team did not like Milone demotion… Let alone trade. Who are… The We that started in Spring Training, this team has to reshape that identity. Nothing against Lester, Gomes, & Fuld.
I do NOT agree that this is best for this Team.

The Oakland A’s, Lew Wolff and Bud Selig V. the JPA, Jean Quan, and the Oakland City Council


I had been vocal, against Selig and Wolff, and how they have treated Oakland. Here they were trying to throw the City a Bone. IE get some stability if only for 3~4 Years. I have been warming up to them recently. My Beloved City is doing what I think to be unfair… forcing a renegotiation after a deal was made. Instead of moving forward, we are getting an insight of Oakland City Politics, and why Al left Oakland in the first Place.   When Al signed the Deal, or should I say… After renegotiation, again the City forced a renegotiation, so as the Raiders actually played their First Game back, without a signed Deal.   There is a precedence in Oakland Sports Negotiation… This is common, it is not the way to do Business.

On the Coliseum, the difference from 1995 to now… Before George Vukasin and the Board were void of elected politicians, and in the complex consistently in the black. A business run for profit.
Since… The JPA. The facility is run Constantly in the Red, in need of public Subsidy on a growing yearly basis… A non-Profit. So… This time around, it’s not Wolff & Selig being unreasonable.

Added 7-23-2014 The A’s did agree to the changes. This will prevent Raiders to build

on property.

Never Forget 7-17-2010

Waste Management…, Tomorrow’s Primary

I realize that a Franchise Fee is Standard for doing business with Cities…
I know… the additional “Processing Fee”… Well I do feel Processed, A 27% Franchise Fee(approx. $30mil annual) is Excessive. 5 % should be a reasonable Standard franchise fee. Kudos to Councilman Gallo for bringing this up, Along with the fact that Measure Y is expiring…(**). The City has a $30Mil surplus… surprisingly. Let’s maybe save that for next year when we know that we will will not have for Budget. We cannot keep kicking the can down the line. The City needs to become business friendly. High fees based on wasted City Administrative costs… It’s hard enough for the people out here.

(**) Can’t wait for the new Flyers on measure Y(2014). Tomorrow proposes to be a boring time
at the polls. I voted Green with 2 write in’s, disappointing choices, A very interesting Primary… I want my ridiculous separated Party Based primaries back!

Signing petitions – Dividing California into 6 States.

 Yesterday there was a Gentleman on a BART train soliciting Signatures for Ballot Initiatives… I asked the Gentleman How much every Signature would bring him.  I did this as 4 people signed both, without stopping to read inititative… The first petition, Designed to get that Hand moving, opined for an Increase in the California Minimum Wage. OK that’s reasonable… But the second… To divide California into 6 States… Has anyone conceptualized that… Really! Really!… That means 5 More Governors, 10 more US Senators… ect, 8% of what would be the new Senate. California 10 more Democratic?. Really! If your constipated, and keep eating… This is not an efficient means of getting to the Toilet. So, those people please tell me the advantage of adding  to the bureaucracy. 110 Senators are going fix what 100 can’t?

Please People be careful what you sign… BTW the gentleman “bagged” 8 signatures in 5 minutes. He told me he gets $2 per signature, up to $5 per on some other measures. His pro-rated wage in 5 minutes $192 per hour? My conversation stopped his solicitations on that car, at least until I departed the Train at Next Station. I guess this is what Supreme Court Wanted, allowing any SuperPac the ability to spend, spend, spend.