Review : The Alameda All Stars 35th Anniversary Reunion

People will say I am biased here… On Saturday 28 Feb 2015 at a little “watering hole”, at the foot of Clinton & Grand Streets in Alameda, California… Think of the sound emanating from this little building, as in “The Grinch that Stole Christmas”, think “Whoville” on Christmas Morning… Yes Ladies & Gentlemen… I submit, It was NOT Christmas Morning that particular Saturday evening, When the Alameda All Stars took the stage at Roosters.

But… As sure as I am that this was heard on the other side of the Bay in Oakland. As the sounds of rock reverberated thru the buildings of Alameda.  I think the satisfied looks… on EVERY face tell the story. The Night of Seven Guitar Players… How do you know an act is special… The audience will stop(In a Dance Club) and Listen. They played Voyager,  As very fitting Tribute to one of the Gods of Rock, Ronnie Montrose…  Simply said, “The Boyz tore it up!”, It Rocked! MGL – The Alameda All Star, 35th Anniversary Reunion Roosters Roadhouse, Alameda, California. Video coming soon…