Cowardly Oakland Officer shoots Family Dog

     How else can I put this… To the Hallock Family, I am sorry for your loss of Gloria.

“My heart goes out to the family,” said police spokesman Jeff Thomason. Haven’t we heard this before… We don’t need any of these cowards on our police force… FIRE THESE OFFICERS. There is an over abundance of Trained former OPD Officers without jobs. These Officers need to go.   This is everything that is wrong with the OPD in a nutshell… Starting from OPD’s PR department. OFFICERS on the street need courage… Yeah, get bitten first then discharge the gun. Have a knife wound from those threatening, Are we tired of hearing a person threatening to kill him/herself… Have a concerned Family member implore help from the police, only to have the Police gun that person down. As a citizen of Oakland, these officers, if they don’t like you… Only has to say, “I thought he had/was reaching for a weapon”. No video, no justice.

This is what Officer Thomason should have said, “In a bad decision this Morning, Oakland officers mistakenly shot a dog they thought was threatening them”. When you cover up a mistake with a lie, Everyone can see the truth. What a disgrace in the name of our community. Those officers must go. Reason for firing… No Common Sense, No Compassion, No Courage.

Chief Batts… No Excuses. Don’t you see Chief Batts how troubling this is for us citizens of this City.  . How you deal with what would seem innocuous incidents like this and the Deer shooting raises questions about the Department and it’s staff. AND IT SHOULD raise all sorts of red flags about these officers…

On October 1st, The officer was identified as Victor Garcia. I stand by my feelings about this…