Signing petitions – Dividing California into 6 States.

 Yesterday there was a Gentleman on a BART train soliciting Signatures for Ballot Initiatives… I asked the Gentleman How much every Signature would bring him.  I did this as 4 people signed both, without stopping to read inititative… The first petition, Designed to get that Hand moving, opined for an Increase in the California Minimum Wage. OK that’s reasonable… But the second… To divide California into 6 States… Has anyone conceptualized that… Really! Really!… That means 5 More Governors, 10 more US Senators… ect, 8% of what would be the new Senate. California 10 more Democratic?. Really! If your constipated, and keep eating… This is not an efficient means of getting to the Toilet. So, those people please tell me the advantage of adding  to the bureaucracy. 110 Senators are going fix what 100 can’t?

Please People be careful what you sign… BTW the gentleman “bagged” 8 signatures in 5 minutes. He told me he gets $2 per signature, up to $5 per on some other measures. His pro-rated wage in 5 minutes $192 per hour? My conversation stopped his solicitations on that car, at least until I departed the Train at Next Station. I guess this is what Supreme Court Wanted, allowing any SuperPac the ability to spend, spend, spend.