TUC still SSUC, Why Oakland Central City is Underserved.


The SSUC, They did not clean the Front of their Building for this. They took the Friday off for “Cesar Chavez Day”. This allows the International Field enjoy the everyday Trash in front of the Spanish Speaking Unity Council. The Community Economic Devaulation Corp of East Oakland… I stopped shooting this at this point. I was NOT going to sit in UC trash to get shots.

How can You spend Development $$$’s… Or how to Turn $100,000,000.00 into $50,000,000.00. Community Economic Devaluement Does exist.

I Disagree with the Spin…




CED(Community Economic Devaluement) + TUC = SSUC.



If the 10% Possibility happens. Both Libby Schaaf & Noel Gallo will not be Mayor of Oakland in 2019.

The 10% possibility the Oakland Raiders win Super Bowl LII.

Doesn’t matter how much money she will have accumulated to support her campaign.
The Anger of the Raider Nation will Boil over, as the remaining Home Dates dwindle under 5  Election Day Tuesday 6, November 2018.