Councilman Gallo:

Dear Councilman Gallo,

  1. In 1979 we have acquaintance that committed one very poorly made choice… It has caused his incarceration since 1979. Since that Day whenhe was sentenced to 25~Life. He has done the 25, and is now working on his second Life Sentence. At 38(2017) Years he will complete the point in his life where he has been jailed for 2/3rd of his Life… Don’t you think this is too much. I do. You did nothing for that Kid, It was in the way of your career. I NEVER recall seeing you at all around him during that time…

At this point I do believe it is a starting to be a Violation of his Civil Rights. No one in 1979  spokeup for him. This incarceration at this point, may be Unconstitutional.

His Father was a Alcoholic, at which times he was a total A$$… Forcing that Kid on the streets at an early age(fact). By the Time He was 14 he was spending more than 1/2 of his time on the Streets. The end result was predictable. It should mitigated, the argument compelling, and it is REAL.

It is very difficult to “wrap my head around” the fact of the Crime involved… It was selfish, & stupid… One Family has a Loss that is irreplaceable. for which I hope they have found Peace. It’s overdue that he gets a chance at Freedom. Life without hope… Is worse than Dying.