Raider In Peace 32

As a Raider Fan remembering this scene that last Sat of 1980, There was much anticipation going onto that game. Bum Philips brought Ken Stabler, Dave Casper, and Jack Tatum… It was always a thought as the previous year that was the heart of our team. I could never have thought being able to win that game without those guys. The 1980 AFC Wild Card Game became Jack Tatum’s last game as a Player. Wherever I went anywhere Raider, and you saw Mr Tatum, One of the most genuine nice guys… Ever. Thank You Jack for all the Memories.


No Choice

You do get tired of old politicians… But how can you vote for someone who’s ad attacks are deceptive, subliminal… and inaccurate.

Since [ fill in ]… I’m voting for who ever is not Jerry Brown or Meg Whitman. If I were in Nevada… None Of The Above…

The Shirley Sherrod Debacle…

This incident… What’s happened in my City over the last Half Century +, I foolishly thought President Obama’s Election would become the major element in our Country’s moving forward… When I was in 10 years old they killed Martin & Robert. My schoolbooks always used South African Aparthied as a worse scenerio, as a blanket to say how much more advanced we were. It took America another 16 years to elect a Black leader. When I read much of the comments written by people it’s clear how much farther we have to go. In a lot of ways this Presidency is akin to Jackie Robinson’s intergration to MLB. The unfortunate part is, due to the division of race, we are not able to repair the economic / social issues that the country needs to address united. I thought as American’s we were better than this…




Stop Blaming Carter, Reagan, Bush H, Clinton, Bush W, and Obama…

The Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 , Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac… These were all Democratic Concepts.
Fundamentally, these policies, they were to help the Lower Class become homeowners. They were abused in the Late 80’s Savings & Loan Scandal. Abused Policies by greedy individuals, who wanted more property as Rental Income. There was much short – sightedness. George W + Lincoln Savings & Loan, his son Jeb.

In the 90’s. I believe the Clinton Adminstartion did 2 things wrong, They allowed investment of 401K’s into the open Market which in turn Fueled the Stock Market Bubble with all the extra Money in play. Greed again. Second was removing the restrictions in derivatives, which made a lot of greedy people very rich. The dawning of 1993 the economy was suffering from recession… In wanting to make a more robust economy… And it worked. for awhile.
George W. did nothing to stop this… WTC, WMD, Halliburton, Goldman, Afghanstan, Iraq2…
While the hard working lower & middle classes were getting into their 1 home, or purchasing a few stocks… The business Genius’ of America… The people who get those ridiculous Compensation Salaries created new ways to exploit the weakness of these Laws, to make the most “paper” money for their Companies. So they end up with so much, with so little cash outlay… Greed. There are people that have so much… but it’s never enough. Lying on the Values of securities, equities, and Real values. The Policies would be fine if it were not for the greed. It is the part of the equation that ruins the balance. This mentality that if you don’t get in now… You will be left behind. Greed. It is destroying this country. Real Estate Brokers, Stock Brokers, and their agents. If ever you ask them… In an up economy or a down economy. Is this a good time to buy stocks / housing. Of course the answer is “yes”. If they say no… There is no comission. Someone like Bernie Madoff is only viable because of Greed. To be truly happy, “How much is enough?”
This Administration… Maybe should have let AIG, ect Fail. Remember late 2008, it was George W’s initial $700B. They are all policies trying to fix the fundamental fact that the Majority of Americans do not know, “How much is enough”. Greed! The problem is us. We are unsustainable… we want it all. Just because we vote someone into the Presidency, if he can’t fix what we helped break… We blame him. Do you think McCain & Palin, in the back of their minds, are glad they “lost”. I really don’t see it being too much different had they won. This “depression” was enivitable, our greed is unsustainable.

It’s not the Politicians fault… Look in the mirror America.

My Awakening… Oscar Grant

    I live in the Oakland, I use the Fruitvale BART Station regularly. On the Morning of Jan 1 2009, after I awoke, I search the internet news stories, I came upon a story about a shooting @ Fruitvale BART. As the day progressed, it was peculiar as information was slow to come out… A riders death was not reported until later that day. Initial reports made it seem that the Victim was responsible… Only until a news story broke on CBS 5 and what was later designated as the Vargas Tape emerged. I was infuriated on the secrecy and misinformation that became a Police Officer shooting an unarmed man. I believe those without that Videos we would not be awaiting a Verdict Today. 

My thoughts on this are… Here is a man born out of affluence, hired to do a job that takes courage… In a moment of frustration, being in the position of power.., overcome by the human emotion of being disrespected, now with malice in his heart, decided to give this “kid’ a jolt of his taser, because he felt that Oscar Grant needed some “police street justice”. So knowing the “fine line” in his mind… he pulls out his “taser” and proceeds to give Oscar Grant a “jolt” of his power to mandate his compliance. Because Mehserle is  incompetent 1) he draws his service revolver 2) Because of the malice in his heart, fires the weapon before he realizes it is gun. 3)Watch Mehserle’s and Pirone’s conduct after shooting Oscar Grant. Did Meheserle say he didn’t mean it when Oscar Grant stated, “You shot me”?  Yes, an accident, maybe, that he used his gun… But their actions other than Arresting Mr Grant, are criminal in nature. 

Had Johannes Mehserle performed his job correctly, this wouldn’t have happened. If he had better luck, the maximum penalty would have been a lawsuit for unreasonable force. But because he had no luck, he is on trial for Murder. 

What should the Penalty Be: 

       Because Johannes Mehserle had malice in his heart, this was “personal”. To want to needlessly “taze” Oscar Grant, the act is magnified. Because of his bad luck, he killed a man. Even though he had no intentions of killing Oscar Grant, this is Murder 2, His actions with a taser is use of a deadly weapon with intent to harm. It went a little farther than he wanted. It does not excuse him for this act. I cannot accept the tears on the stand. He never apologized to the Victim’s family, or Oscar Grant as he laid Mortally wounded. Johannes Mehserle is a Coward, period. I am hopeful, that by the end of the week, he is also a convicted murderer. 

        This was not BART’s fault… The City of Oakland’s… Just 2 men who fooled everyone with the belif if they would protect the public. We didn’t know that we needed protection from them… I hold Anthony Pirone as responsible as Mehserle. They crossed the line… In the end there were no charges filed. Pirone and Mehserle… At the point they made it “personal”, is when they stopped being a Police Officer and became a criminal. This is the core of the distrust that permiates the passionate side of this event. 

       The remaining officers on the platform should be fired for not being the protector Oscar Grant needed on that platform. If any one of them would have done the right thing. It is their job.     Courage… 

On July 9, 2010 a Verdict was reached… Involuntary Manslaughter, with an enhancement that a gun was used. 


The U.S. Justice Department issued a statement saying its civil rights division, the U.S. attorney’s office and the FBI “have an open investigation into the fatal shooting and, at the conclusion of the state prosecution, will conduct an independent review of the facts and circumstances to determine whether the evidence warrants federal prosecution.” I am hoping that this adds Anthony Pirone and Domenici… Pirone, everyone should notice before the shooting 1) His conduct. 2) His actions, his arrogance. After the shooting… Notice how he handled the then mortally wounded Oscar Grant being grabbed and turned over . I do not condone the actions of these “officers”. These are clear Civil Rights Violations. This is necessary as this will imprison these people, but also prevent them from ever having the chance to ever disgrace the Badge again.