On the “Failed” House Majority Leadership… AHCA

The referendum on this was the 2012 Presidential Election… And the Republicans Lost. With all the Rhetoric, chest beating ect. This is the Will of the People. US, as in the US. Mr Boehner should just be considered as “Dick”. As they can’t let it Go. You didn’t win the Senate either. As hard as the Republicans fight against the Affordable health care act makes me believe it is so right as it must be costing the Corporate backers of these idiots so much, that as one on the Fence, I absolutely support it now, so these politicians can suck my Boehner. It must also bother the republicans more that the credit goes with their Mantra… Obamacare, it is not Republicancare. I agree it is not affordable either. So just call it the Health Care Act. From this day forward, work to make it better, and do the people of the country right.