Pre-Season Rankings of 2018-19 Oakland Raiders #24

So much speculation of how well / poorly the Raiders Drafted… How much Better / Worse are the Raiders are as a Team going into Organized Team Activities.

It is Simple. We Drafted 10th, but truly are the 9th Worst Team due to our SoS , We lost a coin flip to #10. #10 won their Last 5 in a Row. Thus better than Raiders were at end of Season. Mathematically we are IMHO #24. How 6-10 related to NFL 2017.

I am OK with everything that has been done to change things. 2 major choices that left me baffled. Seth Roberts over Codarrelle Patterson as the Z. I know it would have cost us Robert’s contract. That Contract Extension was puzzling and cost us an ultimate Wide Receiver Hybrid in Patterson. Belichick is licking his chops with that kid, allowed him to trade Brandin Crooks. What a questionable move by the Reggie / Jon Regime. And now are still saddled with the Roberts Contract extension.

No Bump cause we brought back Jon… #24. That’s why you are getting $100Mil. Will only know what the 2018 Raiders are capable of around London / Seahawks Game 6.

-Think Oakland



About that Varnish, Too damn cold or is it Parody…

Absolutely No Way there should be a path to, but 11 things need to happen.

1. The Raiders beating Philadelphia and the Los Angeles Chargers.
2. The Miami Dolphins beating Kansas City and Buffalo.
3. The Tennessee Titans losing to the Los Angeles Rams and Jacksonville.
4. The Bills losing to New England as well as Miami.
5. The Baltimore Ravens beating either Indianapolis or Cincinnati.

The 11th thing is not on this list… Good Luck. Outside of the 2nd Half of Dallas’ hard fought win at the Oakland Coliseum. This version of The Oakland Raiders of Las Vegas of 2017 does not deserve the right to be in this conversation… Still.P1070747


Still, Judge for Yourself… SMH.

The only good sign is we(The Raiders HTF We) lost “Trying to Win”. We did not lose “Trying not to Lose”, as we played the majority of the 2017 Season. Del Rio’s Raiders played the 2nd Half with Purpose, recklessness, and Will to Win that would make Al proud. I can accept the play at Goal Line. But there is no moral Victory here.

All I want for Christmas Is…

Starting with Philadelphia: The Last time the Raiders Faced the Eagles in the Regular Season. Nick Foles was the Starter, Chip Kelly Head Coach. In a little over 3 Qts, Foles had thrown 7 Touchdown Passes, in a 49-20 Game, that was not that close. Eagles could have broken Team record…

-Think Oakland


The NFL Smokescreen… Reality. LA Rams, LA Raiders, & LV Chargers. Why this makes Sense.

116_19_11_mgl_viewl-jpg-blk.jpgLos Angeles has welcomed back the Rams, and what they received was, the Rams. They still want an Elite NFL Football Team. For 20 Years in Oakland we have been Developing that.
What Los Angeles doesn’t want is the Chargers. Mark Davis has a Sweet Deal in LV. The
money guy in Vegas, Sheldon Alderson wants a portion of Team… Or he will walk.
Oakland “Raiders” Fans will not travel to LV. But have already traveled to see team in LA.
Kronke  gets his Partner… and BLOCKBUSTER tenant. He is a Developer First. Profit stream SECURED.
Charger fans loathe traveling to LA, but I believe could do the SD thing, some by way of Palm Springs. The Spanos Family owns enough of Chargers where they could sell/trade enough of Ownership to Alderson to satisfy his Ownership needs. In Turn Mark Davis gets the best Lease agreement in a Palace. He Does not have to market to an area starved for this Football Team. Everybody making Money is Happy…

I Love Ronnie, Rodney, & Marcus’ vision in Oakland with Fortress… But you know what… It is still there. They will just be developing a Baseball Stadium for the Oakland A’s… The Administration in Oakland, gets their Green Dream. Almost Everybody Wins in the end.

Oakland “Raiders” Fans Lose the Raiders… Again. I am not as heartbroken this Time. This Time I spent it as a 20+ Year Season Ticket Holder. I have seen more Games, than they played before the Team  moved the First Time. If they have to move, LA will not Distract the Team as Vegas has too much great “sin” going on 24/7/365.29.

The 2017 AFC Wild, Wild West… Den, KC, LA(R), LV(C)

Libby Schaaf, The City Council and The Oakland Raiders

Libby & majority of this City Administration… Besides being a Red person. She is not a fan of the Raiders, as she is one of the many that feel the “Thug” mentality & lifestyle is Directly related to “hip hop”, and this Football Team. That ignorance costs the City on a Daily basis. She (Libby) Is a brilliant business woman, & Politician. But she grew up in the Hills, In 1980 there was, and Today there still is a difference. She is still as distant(“Out of Touch”)… from the reality on the streets. No city division on diversity fixes this…
This Mayor & Council will point blame in direction of Kephart & Quan. In The next few months this matter will play out, That “ignorance” hopefully does not cost this City this Football Team.

This is not about “Spending Monies Oakland Doesn’t Have”… Having the the NFL playing in this City is HUGE… This City wastes Millions on “Poverty Pimp” driven Non-Profits. Support Capital Based Business’ not bull shit. The NFL is a Business in the Highest Order.

Justice will be that the City would be put in a Position that there may need to be a Parade in February… I feel like Is it 1980 all over again?

***** On to what is important…

Will The 2015 Raiders follow new Head Coach Jack Del Rio?..  Is there is a magic brew stirring in Napa, Ca right now?                              JDL + 24 copy  I do not buy the sentiment it takes a multiple Years to judge a Head coach. “They Don’t know…Jack”.  Del Rio Is the Right Coach for this Team. The best for the Team since “Chucky”…

9-22-2015 – OK I have seen Facebook pics showing Da Mayor at Game Sunday… And implying in the Black Hole. So Mayor Schaaf, Sunday was fun right? You gonna just let that Go?

On the Yoenis Cespedes, And Tommy Milone Trades.

2 Things that strike me.
1)The Milone Trade, is the equivalent of Hiring Best Friend Bob Geren to Manage A’s.
2) Trading Cespedes is the modern day equivalent of the Giants Trading Orlando Cepeda to the Cardinals for Ray Sadecki.

Too much change to Team Chemistry. Cespedes is Important in that Locker Room. Team did not like Milone demotion… Let alone trade. Who are… The We that started in Spring Training, this team has to reshape that identity. Nothing against Lester, Gomes, & Fuld.
I do NOT agree that this is best for this Team.

The Oakland A’s, Lew Wolff and Bud Selig V. the JPA, Jean Quan, and the Oakland City Council


I had been vocal, against Selig and Wolff, and how they have treated Oakland. Here they were trying to throw the City a Bone. IE get some stability if only for 3~4 Years. I have been warming up to them recently. My Beloved City is doing what I think to be unfair… forcing a renegotiation after a deal was made. Instead of moving forward, we are getting an insight of Oakland City Politics, and why Al left Oakland in the first Place.   When Al signed the Deal, or should I say… After renegotiation, again the City forced a renegotiation, so as the Raiders actually played their First Game back, without a signed Deal.   There is a precedence in Oakland Sports Negotiation… This is common, it is not the way to do Business.

On the Coliseum, the difference from 1995 to now… Before George Vukasin and the Board were void of elected politicians, and in the complex consistently in the black. A business run for profit.
Since… The JPA. The facility is run Constantly in the Red, in need of public Subsidy on a growing yearly basis… A non-Profit. So… This time around, it’s not Wolff & Selig being unreasonable.

Added 7-23-2014 The A’s did agree to the changes. This will prevent Raiders to build

on property.

Never Forget 7-17-2010