Public Lands belong to the Public, this Non-Profit is not the Public.


-> Public Lands belong to the Public,

This Non Profit is not the Public… Everything said, there should not be a development

gratuity… that gratuity should also belong to the people. Oh, just don’t “Launder”(LOA*)

it in this non Profit, and it’s greedy associates. There are too many people on the Streets

of Oakland that need the services that money could provide.

A non Profit should not be able to price construction value above Market Value

in the area. It is bad practice for the people, this practice makes Regular Development

difficult… for a bona fide(profit oriented) Developer, they will incur these costs . These

poor quality, overpriced”projects”, hinder by lowering the price of a skilled quality

development in the market. You have to minimize the costs overruns to keep the

affordable housing affordable to the public. This Non Profit does nothing to protect the

public’s interest.

These massive administration costs prevent services from reaching the people those

grants were initially provided for. In this case they can’t even balance the books. It should

be as simple as we get $2.00, we spend $2.00. Overruns are non accountable waste of

Public Funds. When you have terrible accounting with such simple math… You must ask




*LOA = Lost in Administration





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