Where Russia is like the US in the ’80’s

I think of the US in the 80’s as a Country reeling from the Oil Embargos’ of the 70’s, willing to do anything to not destabilize OPEC in any way to keep the flow of Oil from being stopped. Outside of needing gas additives keeping our muscle cars purring, believing a second wave of fast cars was impossible. Waxed the heinies of those countries Leaders. The US and “Star Wars” created a panacea shield that others could not Defeat. By the end of the decade would see the crumbling of the Berlin Wall.
So Today… The Saudi’s offer Putin & Russia a sweet deal on oil if they Relinquish their support of Bashir Assad and Syria. Seems to me the Saudi’s with their $15 Bil support package to the Egyptian Army’s Support… Who is buying the region, and who’s heinie will Putin be waxing? And BinLaden was born into a wealthy Saudi Family. Now I am not a supporter of Snowden… But Today’s 2013 Russia, A place Dysfunctional America can defect to.


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