Our Leadership……….. We are now Like Russia was in the ’80’s.

As the keeper of this BLOG… Give a big AND to this comment. I was right in my None of the Above Blog… I should have followed my Conscience and voted along my Party Lines(Green) then I wouldn’t feel directly responsible. I truly allowed fear to sway my Vote.
It is August 21, 2013. 9 months after the election.  I am truly Disappointed with the President Now. How sad is that for Our Nation because it truly needed LEADERSHIP. I overlooked that he allowed the gutting of the Shuttle Program. Killed Constellation to Go to an Asteroid? NASA to depend on Commercial source to LEO.. No US manned missions, on our rides, till the next Administration(Gotta Hope), at least Constellation would have brought us back to the Space Station next year, and Maybe the Moon again in 2020. Instead, Putin has the US over a barrel. If we BOYCOTT Socchi… we could lose our only means of access to the Space station that we funded, designed and built. While here on Earth we still fight battles we cannot win. The War on Terrorism, Immigration, and the War on Drugs.

The Russians got to be giggling about Afghanistan… We vindicated their Loss there. Remember the movie Stripes when Bill Murray said we are 11-1… We are now 12-4.
With our Leadership we are now Russia in the 80’s…, Indecisive with all the Democrats and Republicans in Congress. Gridlock, unwilling to compromise their ego’s before they enter bargaining, fore the needs of the Country, cannot afford a new Syria nor Egypt intervention. Our major remaining weapons… the NSA and Drones.

Weakening NASA strategically weakened the Nation. This made it possible that Putin could “Moon” Obama as to the Snowden Affair, Expose our Countries surveillance to the World, leaving President Obama with backing out of a one on one with Putin before G20 Summit as a penalty. Wow… that’ll embarrass Putin now, won’t it?


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