Pinole Police Shooting

Mickey Ray Welch, killed by Pinole police last week prompted gunfire from two officers when he reached into his waistband and pulled out a black cell phone, the city’s police chief said Tuesday.Must be nice to have no Video cameras around to dis-prove this claim.
This explains the silence for the 3 days… by the Pinole Police.
 To me this is another shooting by Police of an unarmed man. They better be able to substantiate the innuendo. i.e.  Police were looking for Welch on Friday afternoon after getting a tip that he’d been involved in a shooting, They suspected he carried a weapon.
    Welch, whom local police say belonged to a street gang, was on probation for a drug conviction. But officers found no evidence that he participated in a shooting. He carried nothing illegal.
Just say it… We F#$ked up. That is the truth. Police Officers should no longer be allowed to walk away from errors like this… At the very minimum, they lose their Jobs, Benefits… And ability to work in this field. Shooting an unarmed man is not justifiable… PERIOD.


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