Deepwater Horizon Spill


As I watched the stream from “spillcam”, as they were pulling up one of the robots that monitor undersea activity, Fish @ 22feet was a nice sight… But it makes me wonder. What happens if. The NOAA has gone on record that this is going to be a very active Hurricane/Tropical storm season. If a storm heads towards the Gulf in July. Lets think the worst, the continued tries by BP & Govt attempts have faded. The August relief well is around the corner. The surge preceding the storm will push more oil before it into these marshlands. A worse scenario would bring this mess into the Florida Keys. When I think of more bleached Corals, and extinction of the Manatees, deaths of more Dolphins, Whales, Man-of wars, Pelicans, ect… I think of those few fish in the picture… Will they survive this?

I think of BP, and its future Bankruptcy filing to mitigate its Financial responsibility. Think they will not do this?… Look what they have done to date…


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