About Me

This is my first post on WordPress.com.. It is not my first post as ThinkOakland. I have read articles in print from the press thru Internet, and Paper… The Oakland Tribune is my paper of choice, with Oakland being my home. When you are assigned comments with places like 72nd and/or 3241st…, So to improve my odds…

 I will comment on everything I feel important, Including those issues outside the Oakland City Boundaries; Wars, Politics, Environmental…, and other important issues like sports… 

My first issue. The betrayal of the Oakland A’s Fan.

         Lew Wolfe has stererilized my feelings for this team with his actions. It started with the Upper Deck “bags”. Those are seats Lew…

      People sitting up there, in the seats… Is a much better visual.  Lew claimed his Marketing people felt a smaller capacity would help the final numbers. It worked! Smaller numbers are attending the games…

more to come, I’m sure.


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