About Putin ‘s Sanctions for Senators, ect…

Interesting… They are forcing us to hate Vlad, but we as Citizens should have been able to Sanction these same people for “Failure to Launch”. The internal squabbling between the Executive & Legislative Branches, the Personal Battles leaves theUS weak, that makes our Boarders weak. Now our Internal Political disfunction is now being forced in the International Political Scene. Maybe we need to fix our own Country, before we attempt to dictate what is wrong internally in other Countries. Mr Obama, Mr Bohener, Mr McCain, Mr Reid, Ms. Pelousi, ect… There has got to be a better way. We have to stop the infighting…

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On the “Failed” House Majority Leadership… AHCA

The referendum on this was the 2012 Presidential Election… And the Republicans Lost. With all the Rhetoric, chest beating ect. This is the Will of the People. US, as in the US. Mr Boehner should just be considered as “Dick”. As they can’t let it Go. You didn’t win the Senate either. As hard as the Republicans fight against the Affordable health care act makes me believe it is so right as it must be costing the Corporate backers of these idiots so much, that as one on the Fence, I absolutely support it now, so these politicians can suck my Boehner. It must also bother the republicans more that the credit goes with their Mantra… Obamacare, it is not Republicancare. I agree it is not affordable either. So just call it the Health Care Act. From this day forward, work to make it better, and do the people of the country right.

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Where Russia is like the US in the ’80′s

I think of the US in the 80′s as a Country reeling from the Oil Embargos’ of the 70′s, willing to do anything to not destabilize OPEC in any way to keep the flow of Oil from being stopped. Outside of needing gas additives keeping our muscle cars purring, believing a second wave of fast cars was impossible. Waxed the heinies of those countries Leaders. The US and “Star Wars” created a panacea shield that others could not Defeat. By the end of the decade would see the crumbling of the Berlin Wall.
So Today… The Saudi’s offer Putin & Russia a sweet deal on oil if they Relinquish their support of Bashir Assad and Syria. Seems to me the Saudi’s with their $15 Bil support package to the Egyptian Army’s Support… Who is buying the region, and who’s heinie will Putin be waxing? And BinLaden was born into a wealthy Saudi Family. Now I am not a supporter of Snowden… But Today’s 2013 Russia, A place Dysfunctional America can defect to.

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Our Leadership……….. We are now Like Russia was in the ’80′s.

As the keeper of this BLOG… Give a big AND to this comment. I was right in my None of the Above Blog… I should have followed my Conscience and voted along my Party Lines(Green) then I wouldn’t feel directly responsible. I truly allowed fear to sway my Vote.
It is August 21, 2013. 9 months after the election.  I am truly Disappointed with the President Now. How sad is that for Our Nation because it truly needed LEADERSHIP. I overlooked that he allowed the gutting of the Shuttle Program. Killed Constellation to Go to an Asteroid? NASA to depend on Commercial source to LEO.. No US manned missions, on our rides, till the next Administration(Gotta Hope), at least Constellation would have brought us back to the Space Station next year, and Maybe the Moon again in 2020. Instead, Putin has the US over a barrel. If we BOYCOTT Socchi… we could lose our only means of access to the Space station that we funded, designed and built. While here on Earth we still fight battles we cannot win. The War on Terrorism, Immigration, and the War on Drugs.

The Russians got to be giggling about Afghanistan… We vindicated their Loss there. Remember the movie Stripes when Bill Murray said we are 11-1… We are now 12-4.
With our Leadership we are now Russia in the 80′s…, Indecisive with all the Democrats and Republicans in Congress. Gridlock, unwilling to compromise their ego’s before they enter bargaining, fore the needs of the Country, cannot afford a new Syria nor Egypt intervention. Our major remaining weapons… the NSA and Drones.

Weakening NASA strategically weakened the Nation. This made it possible that Putin could “Moon” Obama as to the Snowden Affair, Expose our Countries surveillance to the World, leaving President Obama with backing out of a one on one with Putin before G20 Summit as a penalty. Wow… that’ll embarrass Putin now, won’t it?

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Something Visual :


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2012 Presidential Election : Forced to Change

Now after 2 debates and apparent tightening of 2012 Presidential Race… as a Green, I am not going to be able to vote symbolically… California is not so sure a walk for the President… I will contradict what I originally wrote, to vote for None of the above.  As much as I hate the last 4 years, the next 4 with Mitt scares me. I am awed with Romney’s  political prowess. He is way better a Politician than I ever imagined. A top-notched debator, but I would never hang with Mitt, possibly with the Prez, and that Bain Capitol reminds me so much of Cheney and Halliburton. I have to begrudgingly have to support President… So now as everyone else, I have chosen 1 of the above. 4 more Years!

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